Location: Uppsala

Software Engineer with Electrotechnical/Multiphysics background (R&D)

About Magstrom

Magstrom AB is a spin-off from the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University that was founded around the revolutionary innovation of Active Magnetic Balancing®.

The system contains a hardware and software solution for magnetic real-time compensation of irregularities in the airgap between rotor and stator in large electrical machines/generators. In 2020, Magstrom was awarded a place on NyTekniks 33-listan as one of Sweden’s most exciting tech start-ups.

Having further developed the product for a couple of years, Magstrom is now gearing up for a global expansion and needs to bring more people and expertise onboard.


Software Engineer with Electrotechnical/Multiphysics background (R&D)

Within research and product development at Magstrom you are joining a team with high knowledge, experience and passion for innovation, technology, and product development. As team member you are dependent on others and other are dependent on you – requiring good cooperation skills, communication, and documentation.

In this position you will be responsible for improvement and development of an in-house 2D FEM tool, regarding functions, usability and structure for maintenance and further development. The position also includes to build up other models will support R&D and engineering within Magstrom’s existing and future field of activity. You should be ready to spend years to build up and expand your experience and expertise in this field. Besides development of the software, you will support the organisation with dedicated simulations, ranging from deeper understanding problems/limitations of hydropower generators as well as the effect of compensation of unbalanced magnetic pull.  Therefore, it is important to be able to work over technology and functional boarders.

At Magstrom we will encourage you to challenge and take initiatives to improve our solutions and technology. We are open minded to new ideas to enable robustness, better functionality, safety, and secured quality. We will make sure that good ideas are brought into reality, as a part of our company culture.

Candidate competence profile

Knowledge of electromagnetics, electrical circuits, and power electronics. Finite element simulations of electromagnetic fields. Experience of multiphysics simulations, also including mechanics, and coupled problems. A few years’ experience in simulation or modelling of physical systems. Programming skills, preferably object oriented (e.g. C++). Education level of MSc or higher.


Written and oral proficiency in English is a requirement. Knowledge in Swedish is an advantage.


  • Quality oriented with good analytical skills.
  • Ready to expand your expertise and knowledge base.
  • Open to share knowledge and train others.
  • Good cooperative skills over technology and functional boarders.
  • Focus on dedicated tasks with an ability to work independently.

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For questions about the position and to submit your application, please contact:

Peter Isberg
Chief Technology Officer
+46 70 6488078

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Software Engineer with Electrotechnical/Multiphysics background (R&D)